Are there any special requirements to qualify for towing coverage with progressive car insurance akron?

Roadside assistance in auto insurance policies usually includes towing, up to a certain distance specified in the policy. Not all policies will be eligible for roadside assistance, and coverage is always optional. Some insurance companies may cover towing if you're involved in a covered accident, even if you don't have roadside assistance coverage. It can also be smart to go to a specialized provider like AAA to keep car insurance prices stable.

This information is not an insurance policy, does not refer to any specific insurance policy, and does not modify any provision, limitation, or exclusion that is expressly stated in any insurance policy. If you are not insured by Progressive or are a Progressive customer without logging in to your account, you can report or view an existing claim here. The auto insurance company will tow your electric vehicle to a charging station within a radius of 15 miles or more if there are no stations nearby. It's comparable to other auto insurance and warranty roadside assistance plans, but it's not as extensive as a roadside plan from a specialized provider like AAA.

Keep in mind that filing too many road claims through Progressive may increase your insurance premiums later on. If you want Progressive to tow your car to a specific location outside of its 15-mile range, you'll pay the difference. Many insurance companies, including Progressive, offer roadside assistance as optional coverage in your car insurance policy. The coverage also extends to the towing of alternative vehicles, even if they are not insured by Progressive.

Nor can you use it while driving a rental car or that of a family member, unless that vehicle is in your policy. Adding roadside assistance to an existing Progressive car insurance policy can be an easy way for drivers to increase their peace of mind by a few more dollars a month. We recommend comparing car insurance quotes from several of the best auto insurance providers to find the right option for your needs. While it's not as comprehensive of a plan compared to other providers, progressive roadside assistance is a cost-effective option for protecting your car.