Does liberty mutual car insurance canton cover rental cars in the event of an accident?

If you have a covered accident, you can rely on a rental car reimbursement to pay the cost of renting a car. If you decide to have your car serviced at a repair center authorized directly by Liberty Mutual and allow us to arrange the rental of the car, we will pay the rental expenses for as long as necessary to repair your car. Does Liberty Mutual car insurance cover rental cars? Before you pick up a rental car, it's always a good idea to find out if you need additional rental coverage to avoid overpaying. If you have car insurance from Liberty Mutual, it's also covered for rental vehicles.

The caveat is that the coverage extends to the same limits as your personal auto policy. Liberty Mutual doesn't cover non-standard rental vehicles, including recreational vehicles, moving trucks, and motorcycles. You may need to add coverage to your policy or buy coverage from the rental company to stay insured. Even when you have a good level of coverage, it's sometimes better to buy additional rental car insurance.

Many auto insurance companies in Massachusetts increase their car insurance rates if you cause an accident. The best way to find the cheapest car insurance in Massachusetts is to find and compare car insurance rates from several companies in your area. The cost of a Liberty Mutual rental reimbursement will depend on the daily limits that the policyholder chooses when purchasing coverage. The average car insurance rates in Massachusetts are 12% lower than the national average, so you should be able to find affordable coverage options in your area.

The only way to get short-term car insurance from Liberty Mutual, or any other reputable insurer, is to buy a six- or 12-month policy and cancel it when you no longer need it. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Liberty Mutual car rental insurance and how it works. Yes, Liberty Mutual offers discounts on Enterprise rental vehicles to customers who have purchased rental reimbursement coverage. If you have an exclusive liability policy and rent a vehicle, Liberty Mutual only covers the damage you cause to other people and property.

If you have an accident while driving your rental car, call Liberty Mutual to start the claim. For example, with a liability only car insurance policy, you have coverage if you have an accident and cause minimal damage to someone else's vehicle. If you rent a car and have Liberty Mutual insurance, then your policy applies to your rental car. The difference in rates between different companies in Massachusetts is a great example of why it's important to find and compare quotes from several providers before deciding on an auto insurance policy.

Auto insurance companies check where you live, so your residence in Massachusetts could significantly affect your car insurance rates. In addition to offering discounts to customers on Enterprise rental vehicles, Liberty Mutual rental vehicle reimbursement insurance helps cover the cost of a rental car if your car is being repaired after a covered accident. The minimum coverage, or liability coverage only, meets the state's minimum requirements for car insurance, but offers no additional assistance.