Does progressive car insurance cover custom parts and equipment coverage in dayton?

Insurance companies can issue repair estimates that include OEM parts based on the make, model and year of the vehicle and the type of repairs needed. However, you generally need to have specific OEM parts coverage in your auto policy so that your insurer fully covers the exclusive use of OEM parts for repairs. OEM parts coverage is typically available for motorcycles, but many insurers don't offer OEM coverage for cars. At Progressive, OEM parts coverage is offered for motorcycles, but not for cars.

Some of the products and services referred to on this page and that are available to you through Progressive are provided by other insurers and companies that are not affiliated with Progressive. If your car insurance policy includes collision coverage, then it should help you pay for damage to your car if it hits a sidewalk. Progressive offers a variety of insurance options for your peace of mind on the road, under your roof and in your daily life. If you modify your vehicle to improve its performance or improve its appearance, you'll usually need a coverage endorsement or a customized, independent auto insurance policy.

If you decide to file an auto insurance claim for damage caused by hitting a sidewalk, you'll need car collision coverage to cover the incident. Because these parts or features aren't usually fully covered by a standard auto policy, you may need to add an endorsement to your auto policy or purchase a customized auto insurance policy. This information is not an insurance policy, does not refer to any specific insurance policy, and does not modify any provision, limitation or exclusion that is expressly stated in any insurance policy. However, if your car suffers significant or serious damage, you should inform your insurance company and possibly call the police to file a complaint.

If you are thinking of replacing parts of your vehicle due to a repair without the involvement of insurance or vehicle modifications, you will usually have two options: aftermarket parts or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. Some insurance companies don't offer insurance for modified cars if they meet certain criteria, such as if engine performance improves significantly or if custom paint or decal jobs significantly increase the total value of the vehicle. You can wreck your car after hitting the sidewalk, especially if you hit the sidewalk while driving at high speed, but the car's wheels or tires are more likely to be damaged. If you're thinking about adding new parts to your car, it's critical that you inform your car insurance company beforehand.