Does progressive car insurance cover rental reimbursement coverage in dayton?

Rental vehicle reimbursement coverage is optional coverage that can cover the cost of a rental car if your vehicle is damaged in a covered accident and cannot be driven. To add rental reimbursement coverage to your policy, you usually also need comprehensive and collision coverage. Rental reimbursement coverage typically covers the cost of a rental car up to a certain amount in dollars per day for a specified number of days. Without the reimbursement coverage of a rental car, you may be responsible for the cost of a rental car if your car cannot be driven after an accident.

Geico can be another smart choice for auto insurance in Ohio. In addition to standard coverage, Geico offers emergency road service coverage, rent reimbursement and mechanical fault coverage. Ohio drivers can also participate in Geico's usage-based program, DriveEasy. Policyholders who participate in the program and demonstrate safe driving habits can get a discount on their insurance premiums.

If the damages are severe enough to justify the need to rent a car, you're likely to file a car insurance claim under your car collision insurance coverage or also under comprehensive car insurance coverage, which includes a deductible. Before buying insurance from the rental company, you should consider what coverage you already have through your personal car insurance. The tables below show the cheapest car insurance for young drivers in Ohio, along with the estimated monthly and annual costs. The availability of discounts may vary by state, so you'll need to talk to an insurance agent to find out what auto insurance discounts you're eligible for.

You can get a rental vehicle from Progressive after an accident, as long as you have Progressive reimbursement coverage. Your insurer will only cover the cost of a rental car up to the limits of your policy, so consider avoiding renting exotic or luxury cars. While each standard auto insurance company has its own criteria for covering rental cars, some situations are generally excluded. If your personal car is insured and you pay your rent with a credit card, you can probably skip the optional coverage offered at the rental counter.

The Buckeye State is one of many where insurers are legally allowed to use their credit rating to determine their insurance rates. Keep in mind that not all states require car rental companies to automatically provide mandatory minimum insurance coverage. This information may be different from what you see when you visit the website of an insurance provider, insurance agency, or insurance company. Since car insurance companies have different calculation methods for premiums, no two quotes are the same.

In general, rental reimbursement coverage is worthwhile if you think you're going to have a car accident and need a rental car for years to come. By comparison, the insurance that a car rental company will sell you over the counter can easily cost twice as much.