How can i find out if my current car insurance policy covers towing and roadside assistance while traveling within ohio?

This question is about general insurance. A service truck will deliver emergency supplies of gasoline, water, oil, or other needed fluids. You only pay for the cost of supplies. A service technician will come to your car to start up the battery while you're on the road.

This service also includes minor settings, such as tightening the cables or cleaning the battery connections. A service technician will make other minor adjustments to your vehicle as needed so you can get back on the road. Roadside assistance through Nation Safe Drivers is not part of The General's insurance policy, but is billed with the insurance premium, for your convenience. General roadside assistance is intended to help drivers who need immediate rescue, but it doesn't normally cover the underlying problem, such as repairing the engine or replacing a battery.

In addition, the exact number of incidents covered by the general roadside assistance plan will vary by state and policy. Buying roadside assistance with the auto insurance company is usually less expensive than being a member of a motoring club from a company like AAA. However, it may not provide as much coverage. For more information on how to choose between roadside assistance options, see WalletHub's guide to the best roadside assistance.

No, you cannot use The General roadside assistance for another person, unless that person is driving a car that is covered by your The General roadside assistance policy. The General's roadside assistance coverage applies to your car and not to you, which means you can't use it for vehicles that aren't included in your policy. Read the full answer However, you can use roadside assistance for your car even when you're not physically there. If someone else is driving your car and it breaks down, you can call the roadside assistance service and get help as long as they know your policy number or have your insurance identification card.

To learn more about The General and its competitors, see WalletHub's guide to the best roadside assistance companies. Yes, The General covers flat tires for customers who have the company's optional roadside assistance coverage. The General's roadside assistance covers the cost of changing a flat tire, but the company won't pay for the tire itself, so drivers must have a spare tire or pay out of pocket for a spare tire. Read the full answer For more information on buying a roadside assistance plan, see WalletHub's guide to the best roadside assistance.

Does the General have roadside assistance? Is general roadside assistance limited to towing miles? The best roadside assistance companies Enter your mobile phone number and we'll send you a link to install the WalletHub app. General roadside assistance is an optional guarantee that customers can add to their auto insurance policy and use when they need an emergency trailer, fuel supply and more. Roadside assistance is coverage that you can add to your car insurance policy to help you if you get stuck due to an unexpected problem with the car, such as a dead battery. When you combine your auto and home policies with Travelers, you can save up to 10% on your auto insurance.

Roadside assistance is an add-on to car insurance that connects you to services such as towing and car replacement to help you get back on the road.