How do i change my address on my progressive car insurance policy in columbus?

Log in to your policy at any time to add or remove vehicles or drivers, change addresses, pay bills, and more. If you're moving and want a new policy with us, request an auto insurance quote online or call 1-866-749-7436 and share your new address. The restriction does not apply to current customers or to current policy approvals. If you currently have a Hyundai or Kia insured with Progressive, you will be exempt from rights and your coverage will continue.

Over the past year, vehicle thefts produced by the two Korean car manufacturers experienced a sharp increase. It was discovered that certain cars from the two brands that use physical ignition keys can be easily turned on and driven with just a USB cable. Theft is so easy that there's even a YouTube channel with popular videos that show how the robbery is done. A Progressive spokesperson confirmed in a statement to The Drive that it would no longer issue new insurance policies for “some Hyundai and Kia vehicles.” Your location, where you park your car every day, is a key factor in determining the price of your car insurance coverage.

Progressive recently announced that it will stop insuring Hyundai and Kia vehicles (of all years and models) due to the increase in thefts. The Drive also contacted State Farm for a statement, and the insurer pointed resources on crime and insurance rates to the news website; the insurer supposedly wanted the driving portal to conclude that some Hyundai and Kia cars are not insurable. This information is not an insurance policy, does not refer to any specific insurance policy, and does not modify any provision, limitation, or exclusion that is expressly stated in any insurance policy. Because car insurance requirements vary from state to state, you'll need to get a new insurance policy if you move out of your current state.

US auto insurance giants State Farm and Progressive have revealed that they are now refusing to offer coverage to Hyundai and Kia vehicles due to serious concern that certain cars are easily targeted by car thieves. If you ever receive an email from Progressive that you're not sure about, forward it to Progressive Phishing immediately. When you move from another state, you'll need a new car insurance policy, even if you can stay with the same insurance company. Like an out-of-state move, an in-state move will affect your car insurance rate, although the change may be less than an out-of-state move.

You may have to change car insurance companies when you move to another state if your current provider doesn't sell insurance in the state you're moving to. The website of the Department of Motor Vehicles in your new state will contain all the legal requirements for insurance and vehicle registration. Your car insurance could increase or decrease depending on several factors, including the claim history of your new area. Car theft cases involving Hyundai and Kia cars have gotten so bad that even the National Insurance Crime Bureau recently asked YouTube to remove video tutorials that showed how easy it is to get into cars.